Finding the perfect gift

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New Year, New You…Fed up of hearing about everyone’s new year resolutions, what they will be doing and what they won’t. When you know full well that most people won’t keep these new promises. Well lucky for you, January is almost over and you know what that means…. February. And with the arrival of February, this rather short, unassuming month, comes the day most men dread, and most women long for, the day when the pressure is on to buy that perfect gift, the day where, now thanks to social media and TV adverts, a card and a kiss are no longer enough – Valentines Day.

Here is your opportunity to make your loved one smile and show them just what they truly mean to you. Valentines Day is perfectly timed as the winter blues are in full swing, spring is yet to show any signs of making an appearance and Christmas is beginning to feel like a distant memory. So, why not surprise your special someone with a thoughtful gift.

We have tried to make this easier for you by coming up with some accessories to make your gift stand out from the crowd and put you a step above the rest without breaking the bank. Remember, it’s not the value of the gift that is important, it is the thought that has gone into. Well, who’s to know that we’ve done the thinking for you? Check out our personalised gifts boxes and cards in our shop.

Blog post written for English Gentleman by Rosie Writes.