The Need For Speed

The venue is booked, the food, drink and band are confirmed the list is shortening but the next key job is the transport….
A tough decision and so many options here’s our top 5. From pricy to its a steal we have every budget covered.

Vintage traditionalist

A classic vintage car: the ultimate luxury to start your day. Our most pricy of choices but a must have for any car enthusiast. Not only are you sipping champagne and enjoying the moment, but your senses will be ambushed by the intoxicating smell of vintage leather. Your wedding day will go by so quickly, why not slow that first journey as Mr & Mrs down in a vintage car. Enrich those precious minutes before you arrive at the reception venue with the sounds and smells only vintage luxury can provide. Your wedding day is a day to remember, the vintage car is our most pricy of choice but a must have for any car enthusiast. You’ll become nostalgic whenever you smell vintage leather in years to come as your senses transport you back to your special day.


Ok, hands up this probably isn’t the most English Gentleman of our top suggestions with the Vespa’s origins being rooted firmly in Italy. But the Vespa is a statement, will guarantee fantastic photo’s so we just had to include it! Imagine the scene, sun shining,  tie blowing in the wind, shades on, it makes me smile just thinking about it. This is defiantly one for the gentlemen, you’ll  need to think of an alternative method to take the other half to the wedding breakfast. I don’t know about you but side saddle is a skill I haven’t quite mastered and a mud stained wedding dress might be a stretch for even the most accommodating of brides. Also remember a comb Gents, no one wants helmet hair on their wedding day.

London Bus

If you are a social kind of couple, arrive in style and share the journey with your friends and family. I’ve been to a wedding where a traditional London bus was the transport of choice and the journey to the venue was great fun. It also ensures that the necessary break between the “I do’s’ and the drinking becomes and an enjoyable part of the celebrations.

Traditional Black Cab

English Gentleman is located close the manufacturing home of the not far from the manufacturing home of the black cab so this just had to make our top 5. I just love this idea – so understated so simple and so effortlessly classy. The informality of the black cab gives an “I’ve just woke up and decided to get married” tone to the day, embodying the bride and grooms sense of fun and is also kinder to the budget.

Borrow a friends pride and joy

Hiring transport makes a considerable dent in most peoples budget and for me its was one luxury I could compromise on. I ditched the fancy car and bought more drink knowing our friends and family this was greatly appreciated! There is always a friend or relative who has a beautiful car and, I’m sure, would be delighted to help the happy couple out.


So there you have it, the English Gentleman’s guide to wedding transport, now all you need is an enthusiastic guest with a ball of string,
a collection of empty tin cans and some shaving foam and you’re all set to drive off into the sunset.