Spring Summer 2017 – Wedding Colour Trends

We have been working hard in the studio reviewing the key colours for 2017 spring/ summer weddings. Its all about the muted, soft shades
for a real sophisticated glamorous look in 2017. Brides & Grooms here are our 3 key must have shades for your nuptials.

Blush, nude, pale pinks

Pale pink or blush/ nude if you want to get fancy, is a hot trend for 2017 weddings and one of my personal favourites. Our top tip would be to avoid sugary baby pinks that can look a bit on the cheap side.If you are all ready to embrace this trend there are so many ways you can make this look yours. The great thing about pink is it goes well with a variety of different tailoring shades my favourite is a clean, crisp navy suit.

Matching bridesmaid dresses can be a challenge so why not go tonal? A shade lighter or darker? Sometimes its better to make a statement than “try” to match but not quite succeed. Why not also add some glamour with rose gold details. So are you a gentlemen who embraces the odd spot of pink? If not, I sense your predicament, it is the marmite of colours.  If your beloved is insistent on this subtle theme and you are not keen, fear not. Rather than matching the bridesmaids exactly, why not go for a complimentary tone? The secondary colour could be incorporated into the flowers? Win, win I say.

Lilac Grey

This fantastic shade of lilac has a grey tone so its super sleek and sophisticated. These dusky tones are great for introducing varing shades. You can go subtle with muted tones or more dramatic by adding a hint of plum. These shades tend to work best with grey formalwear.

Dusty blue & grey

Dusty blue and grey . Sophisticated, charming and subtle – lets be honest no one want to upstage the bride. Its a great colour combo that I feel satisfies everyone pretty enough for ladies, but masculine enough for the gents. A winner all round I feel!